Day Learning Service to the CCCB

Publicat el 20 Jan, 2017

On Friday January 20 was held at the 6th meeting CCCB exchange experiences Aprenenetatge Service.

The day began with workshops on various topics about service learning, educational methodology Fundació Els Tres Turons has been implementing its services and programs. Then there was a round table with the participation of various members of the administration, which they define their role as facilitators for the deployment of APS. Then there was a conference of the philosopher Josep Maria Esquirol about education and the community.

Finally, there was an analysis of different experiences Learning Service with the idea to evaluate them and improve the experiences of areas as diverse as heritage conservation, elderly and new technologies.

The organizers gave participants the option to submit a poster explaining experiences ApS exhibited in the hall. The foundation presented a poster on the application of the methodology Learning Service psychosocial rehabilitation services in mental health.

Before the break, the organizers asked the stage presence of the finalists and winners in the 2016 edition of the awards ApS state to take a picture. Service Youth Foundation was a finalist with #ProjecteCanSoler.

The conference was attended by more than 400 registered and 60 posters presented.

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