Audiovisual accessibility: accessible Theatre

Publicat el 9 Oct, 2016

img_20161008_173003_hhtOn 8 and 9 October, we participated in the live subtitling of the plays the little Prince, the company's productions at the N54 SaT! And The Colonel Bird, ICC Open Theatre Company (Civic Centre Les Corts)This was made by participants of the workshop Audiovisual accessibility of Pre-work Service of the Foundation. This workshop from the year 2014 has worked continuously with the Municipal Institute of people with disabilities (IMPD) in the project of children's Theatre Accessible to the SaT!, Civic Centre Les Corts, Borrell, Depot Civic Center Urgel, Mercat de Les Flors, Casa Elizalde, through the company of insertion PASS VIA EI, SL of the Foundation the three hills. We have also participated in more than 300 subtitles to videos of social sector organizations or public administrations in the framework of the project of Service Learning.

More info of the Audiovisual accessibility project…

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