Els Tres Turons Foundation signs a collaboration agreement with the company Lunet

Els Tres Turons Foundation signs a collaboration agreement with the company Lunet

The Foundation of the three Hills on October 14, he signed an agreement of collaboration with the cleaning company Lunet, S.L. which can be in the future to offer more employment opportunities to the users of the employment services of the Foundation Are Three Hills who wish to and are able to work in the cleaning sector, one of the sectors which are currently more offers of work generates in the labour market.
The agreement has been signed with the aim of being able to increase collaboration between company and organisation in future months.
Celebration of the world day of Mental Health 2016

Celebration of the world day of Mental Health 2016

Dialogue and engagement: surviving the network · 2016 DMSM

This year at the Fundació Els Tres Turons celebrate World Mental Health Day on 26 October at the Casal de Barri Font d’en Fargues, from 18 to 20h.

Entitled “Dialogue and engagement: surviving network”, we discuss the different ways to manage the public mental health. We talk about the elements that can enhance good practices, define and discuss some positions which are given by both the users and the professionals .For the other hand, also try to do a compilation of different practice, analyzing the type of dialogue that occurs between users and technicians.
Explore the position of professionals and members of the support network in mental health, looking for different ways to the simple “patient” to find alternative ways of recovery. And from the experience and try to build positions subjective choice considering concepts such as joint involvement, ethics of care, listening, dialogue, respect and autonomy.


18.00 Start of the event with the screening of the trailer of the documentary on the 30th anniversary of the Foundation.
  • Presentation by the Board of Directors.
  • Screening of “Luminiscences” (6 and a half minutes approx).
18,30 Home chat debate.


19,30 Discussion with the audience.
20,00 Closing
#ProjecteCanSoler – Learning Service Collserola

#ProjecteCanSoler – Learning Service Collserola

APS implementation of psychosocial rehabilitation in mental health

The #ProjecteCanSoler aims to recover for the community space of the agricultural and forestry Masia Can Soler, in the Horta Guinardó of Barcelona, who was in a state of neglect and degradation. At the same time, this project promotes the involvement of children in the conservation and recovery of natural areas. The activities include the recovery of olive groves and the rehabilitation of the adjacent forest, including roads, dry walls and ancient buildings.

The tasks have been carried out directly by youth attending the Fundació Els Tres Turons, a device of the public network Mental Health and Addictions that aims to promote the abilities and skills necessary for young people attended can support a route insertion training, employment and / or community.

Aiming to boost the space recovered and strengthen integration processes of the population attended, organized forestry schools in which young people, assuming the role of experts, guide children in performing tasks . These activities, in addition to seizing the young people, involving the children in the conservation of the environment and prevent, from the direct interaction between these groups, the construction of possible prejudices about mental illness.

Video is made in the context of the activity #ProjecteCanSoler images and testimonials from participants.

Horta-Guinardó install containers in the square and surroundings

Horta-Guinardó install containers in the square and surroundings

Installation of containers in the square and in the environment of the District of Horta Guinardó. The maintenance will be in a position to Passar Via the company of insertion of our Foundation:

The flowers have arrived in Ibiza. But they have done for the spring, but that plan has launched the Town Hall in the centre of the old district of Horta. The intention is to fill the green area after the reform of last year.

Make it more friendly and welcoming the old Center of Horta. This is the objective of the plan that has launched the District of Horta-Guinardó to bring green to the urban part of the neighborhood. The plan has, in addition, a social aspect and is responsible of maintain the flowers will be an organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of people with mental illnesses, the Foundation of the three Hills of the Carmel.

Source of BTV news notícies.cat: http://goo.gl/yuoS2A