Special mention at the "Teatro de Pacotilla"

Special mention at the "Teatro de Pacotilla"

Special Jury Mention in the short film “Radio Muda” collective Teatro Festival Enmut cheesy. Cheesy Teatro is a collective of arts Social Club of Fundació Els Tres Turons.
Facebook note posted on the Festival awards ENMUT: click here


“The RADIO SILENT,” from the workshop of Audiovisual creation Polo Club +

Here we leave The Chronicle award posted on the blog Social Club + POLE:

We almost did not arrive in time to release our new short The mute radio at the Enmut Festival, but in the absence of a few days we could finish editing, and the wait was worth it. Our new short has won a special mention of the jury at the festival, dedicated to short films without dialogue. Many congratulations to our colleagues in the Creation Laboratory who have participated in the short film.
Otherwise, I think we spent an afternoon at the festival. Twenty short films were screened, most of them very interesting, from various origins and genres, plus the performance of the violinist Joange, who accompanied his performance with some of his works of animation. In addition to our short, 3Turons also participated in the creation of the awards and with some cookies created for the occasion by the cooking workshops.
The full history was as follows:
Best short film: You will fall again
Best short animation: Roger (the animated shorts were screened on the 13th)
Best Performance: Alex Maruny, by Bus story
Best Screenplay: Corp
Best Soundtrack: Alessandro Deflorio, for My awesome sonorous life
Audience Award: Aquavoy returns
Special jury mentions: in our short The radio changes and the short films Syrtaki and La gota.
Congratulations to all the winners, and we hope to be present in more editions of the Enmut in one way or another.
Premiere of the documentary: “Els Tres Turons, stories of life”.

Premiere of the documentary: “Els Tres Turons, stories of life”.

We make 30 years: we have the documentary

Within the framework of the events in celebration of 30 years of our company, on 24 November, we released the documentary the three hills. The event will be held on November 24 at 18 h in Cinemes Girona, Girona Street 175, 08037 Barcelona.

To attend the premiere, by theme capacity, you must sign up through this online form: https://goo.gl/forms/obis9FlanouYBe942 or by calling 93 429 32 10.

On the other hand, you can also follow the campaign by the promotional clips that we are throwing up on the day of the premiere on our Twitter or Facebook. The hastag used on social networks for posting is #30AnysF3T.

The documentary is made by the production company New Division.

Brief synopsis of the documentary:

Through witnesses and life stories of the protagonists of the documentary is made a journey through the changes and transformations of the model of care for people with mental health disorders.

The Foundation of the three hills, an entity that emerged and launched 30 years ago in the District of Carmel by a group of neighbors, neighbors and professionals, has been one of the protagonists in this process of promotion of community mental health. Of the institutionalization in a model centred on the focus on the community.

Deshumanitzador tract of the insane asylum in the respect and advocacy of the rights of citizenship. Of segregation in the promotion of personal autonomy.

Events planned

The premiere of the three Hills, stories of life with interventions of its directors, Paula Ustarroz and Sonia Pons; the three protagonists of the documentary, Mila Elvira, Jesus Naranjo and Joan Vilalta; the Vice President of the Foundation and Director of the Mental Health Association of Horta-Guinardó, Alicia Roig Salas; Alfonso Santos, Director of the Foundation.

We leave the trailer of the documentary:

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Press release:  NdP-ElsTresTurons_30-anys-docu-Histories-de-Vida.pdf (310 downloads)

Invitation to the premiere:  3TURONS_INVITACIONv1.01-IMPREMTA.pdf (273 downloads)

Els Tres Turons Foundation signs a collaboration agreement with the company Lunet

Els Tres Turons Foundation signs a collaboration agreement with the company Lunet

The Foundation of the three Hills on October 14, he signed an agreement of collaboration with the cleaning company Lunet, S.L. which can be in the future to offer more employment opportunities to the users of the employment services of the Foundation Are Three Hills who wish to and are able to work in the cleaning sector, one of the sectors which are currently more offers of work generates in the labour market.
The agreement has been signed with the aim of being able to increase collaboration between company and organisation in future months.
Improvement of software and project DONO

Improvement of software and project DONO

The Foundation, with the aim of improving software resources, email and office automation management software and generally account from this September with the support of DONO project .. This is a project that provides support to organisations non-governmental, offering access to software and hardware donations from its donor partners such as Adobe, Autodesk, Bitdefender, Box, Cisco, GoogleMicrosoft,Symantec, Tableau i Vodafone. This has resulted in the migration of mail to Google services (Gmail) and other office software enhancements.

More info on the website of the project …

Audiovisual accessibility: accessible Theatre

Audiovisual accessibility: accessible Theatre

img_20161008_173003_hhtOn 8 and 9 October, we participated in the live subtitling of the plays the little Prince, the company's productions at the N54 SaT! And The Colonel Bird, ICC Open Theatre Company (Civic Centre Les Corts)This was made by participants of the workshop Audiovisual accessibility of Pre-work Service of the Foundation. This workshop from the year 2014 has worked continuously with the Municipal Institute of people with disabilities (IMPD) in the project of children's Theatre Accessible to the SaT!, Civic Centre Les Corts, Borrell, Depot Civic Center Urgel, Mercat de Les Flors, Casa Elizalde, through the company of insertion PASS VIA EI, SL of the Foundation the three hills. We have also participated in more than 300 subtitles to videos of social sector organizations or public administrations in the framework of the project of Service Learning.

More info of the Audiovisual accessibility project…

The Barcelona ordinary market inclusion Network job (XIB) on the day of the citizen agreement

The Barcelona ordinary market inclusion Network job (XIB) on the day of the citizen agreement

10 years of citizen agreement

This week, members of the XIB we take part in the 10th anniversary of the citizen agreement for an inclusive Barcelona was held at the CCCB.

Work in network
On September 27, Barcelona celebrated the work of the Council and the social organizations of the city. The day became a meeting point, reflection, action and common among all the actors that make up and that have shaped the agreement these ten years.
In the framework of the meeting, we enjoy the dialogue of Saskia Sassen with Josep Ramoneda on the urban world, inequalities and the new appropriations.
The Barcelona ordinary market inclusion Network job (XIB) collaborated in the advice to the accessibility to the disabled people, was attended by subtitling for deaf people and services for attendees so they require.

More than 600 organizations
The citizen agreement is a space for participation and joint action to build an inclusive Barcelona and to advance the social rights of every resident of the city, a referential space of the social action and an example of shared construction and utilization of the collective intelligence of the many agents who operate in the city.
Congratulations Barcelona, congratulations OK. Proud and proud to follow with the commitment to work in a network by a Barcelona, becoming more inclusive.

Source of the news: http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/accessible/ca/noticia/10-year-ciutadza-in accordance