We participate in the WAPR’18 Congress

We participate in the WAPR’18 Congress

The Foundation participated in the XIII WAPR Congress (Madrid, July 5-7) where it focused on advances in psychosocial recovery programs with a notable increase in the presence of entities in the first person. State presentations shared space with pioneering experiences internationally. The Norwegian delegation presented the introduction of the expert patient (peer social worker) or the space without medication created in a treble plant by the team of Halden Magnus. Italy presented results of the deployment of a program based on Diálogo Abierto and Tina Mincowitz urged to promote the #Drets of people through the UN Convention CRPD (2006).

Joanna Moncrieff and Jose Antonio Inchauspe presented a critical review regarding the long-term effects of antipsychotic drugs.

Tina Mincowitz
Diàleg Obert, Itàlia
Hald Magnus,
Joanna Moncrieff

“Support Services for Independent Living”

The Foundation participated in two symposia. One of them on the #AprenentatgeServei to the activities of the Foundation and allies such as the Font d’en Fargas School. We share video clips of the talk we shared with Loreto Cantero of  Fundación Intras i Fran Eiroá of Federació Veus and on Support for Independent Living. We point out the need to increase options, adapt resources to changers and from listening or combine autonomy and independence with decision making in community contexts.

Francisco Villegas, CHM-LC
Presentació Activa't

A broad Catalan delegation

Also present at the WAPR were projects such as Cerca Cerca Joven presented by CHM Las Cortes or the Actívate program, both presentations with the participation of Edgar Vinyals, president of Federación Voces. The movement in the first person in Catalonia also had the participation of Activament.

Day Learning Service to the CCCB

Day Learning Service to the CCCB

On Friday January 20 was held at the 6th meeting CCCB exchange experiences Aprenenetatge Service.

The day began with workshops on various topics about service learning, educational methodology Fundació Els Tres Turons has been implementing its services and programs. Then there was a round table with the participation of various members of the administration, which they define their role as facilitators for the deployment of APS. Then there was a conference of the philosopher Josep Maria Esquirol about education and the community.

Finally, there was an analysis of different experiences Learning Service with the idea to evaluate them and improve the experiences of areas as diverse as heritage conservation, elderly and new technologies.

The organizers gave participants the option to submit a poster explaining experiences ApS exhibited in the hall. The foundation presented a poster on the application of the methodology Learning Service psychosocial rehabilitation services in mental health.

Before the break, the organizers asked the stage presence of the finalists and winners in the 2016 edition of the awards ApS state to take a picture. Service Youth Foundation was a finalist with #ProjecteCanSoler.

The conference was attended by more than 400 registered and 60 posters presented.

The #ProjecteCanSoler finalist in the IX Encuentro Estatal de Aprendizaje Servicio

The #ProjecteCanSoler finalist in the IX Encuentro Estatal de Aprendizaje Servicio

On November 18 was held at the Universidad Laboral de Gijón IX Encuentro National Apprenticeship Service. In the framework of this meeting took place the ceremony of the first edition of the Premios Apprenticeship Service (APS) and conducted a series of conferences and training workshops where they share different experiences awards.

Service Youth Foundation was present at the conference with #ProjecteCanSoler, who was one of 14 finalists chosen from more than 170 submitted. During the awards ceremony, highlighted by organizing the large number of projects submitted this year for quality.

In an auditorium with seating fulfilled, opened the event with a video-conference where Federico Mayor Zaragoza, humanist and Deputy Director-General of UNESCO between 1978 and 1981, in which he emphasized the APS as a motor social change that contributes to form free and responsible citizens. Then they handed the prizes to the winning projects and finalists statements. The #ProjecteCanSoler received mention in the promotion of an inclusive society that workers collect Foundation present at the ceremony, Joan and John Blas Gubern.

Then took part representatives of the Red Spanish Learning Service, including Roser Batlle, who defended the idea that the main reason to implement the APS is that it really works because it improves academic performance and coexistence in the classroom, combining educational success and social commitment, therefore, is a true service learning in the tide every day they are adding more schools and organizations.
He closed the blog morning Jaume Funes, in a conference that addressed issues such as education, knowledge or school and society and defines the APS as a powerful learning tool, it also strengthens the commitment social students.

In the afternoon several workshops were held where some schools and organizations presented their winning projects. Before an audience very interested and participative from Fundació Els Tres Turons was shared task that is from the Youth Service in relation to the promotion of community mental health. Detailing specific experience of #ProjecteCanSoler, there were several ideas and concepts which were discussed with the other participants, such as playing the role of experts in youth activities with children, empowerment and strengthening this means that respect the processes of psychosocial rehabilitation of young people, the community service is performed to recover a degraded natural environment or the fight against the stigma related to mental illness prevention and educational work that is done with schools.

Finally, the professionals of the Foundation wanted to defend the effectiveness of the methodology of the Learning Services and the ability to play the application of this model by other services or organizations.
Joan and John Blas Gubern indicate that “participation in the conference in Gijon was a very enriching experience, we know first hand the projects that are being developed around the country in many different fields, in addition to share our own experience in the application of Service Learning Servei de Joves Fundació Els Tres Turons. “

Pictures of the event

Information of interest

Winning projects: https://goo.gl/Weahz8

Finalists: https://goo.gl/7ocLkZ

Video of the event: https://goo.gl/lq1L3C

Verdicts of the jury:  Premios-ApS-2016-GANADORES.pdf (228 downloads)

The Project Can Be Used To:  Projecte-Can-Soler.-Fundació-Els-Tres-Turons.pdf (278 downloads)


Literary contest Rosario Perez Simon 2016

Literary contest Rosario Perez Simon 2016

On November 16, were awarded prizes of Rosario Perez Simon Literary Contest 2016 organized by the Foundation Center Les Corts Mental Hygiene Mental Health Group CHM Civic Centre Tomasa Cuevas.

The sorts of competition has been prose, poetry and visual poetry and the group of people linked to Space Literary Community Rehabilitation Service Horta-Guinardó Fundació Els Tres Turons has participated in this event with thirteen works of prose poetry. All participants of the Foundation attended the awards ceremony of the contest.

Two of the works presented have been winners in the category of prose and poetry. The winner was Javier Lopez prose for the play “The Master imagination.” The winner of the poetry prize was Rosangela Santoro for the play “El Tiempo”.

The award winners want to thank the Les Corts Mental Hygiene Centre and the Fundació Els Tres Turons, we hope to participate again next Event.


Special mention at the "Teatro de Pacotilla"

Special mention at the "Teatro de Pacotilla"

Special Jury Mention in the short film “Radio Muda” collective Teatro Festival Enmut cheesy. Cheesy Teatro is a collective of arts Social Club of Fundació Els Tres Turons.
Facebook note posted on the Festival awards ENMUT: click here


“The RADIO SILENT,” from the workshop of Audiovisual creation Polo Club +

Here we leave The Chronicle award posted on the blog Social Club + POLE:

We almost did not arrive in time to release our new short The mute radio at the Enmut Festival, but in the absence of a few days we could finish editing, and the wait was worth it. Our new short has won a special mention of the jury at the festival, dedicated to short films without dialogue. Many congratulations to our colleagues in the Creation Laboratory who have participated in the short film.
Otherwise, I think we spent an afternoon at the festival. Twenty short films were screened, most of them very interesting, from various origins and genres, plus the performance of the violinist Joange, who accompanied his performance with some of his works of animation. In addition to our short, 3Turons also participated in the creation of the awards and with some cookies created for the occasion by the cooking workshops.
The full history was as follows:
Best short film: You will fall again
Best short animation: Roger (the animated shorts were screened on the 13th)
Best Performance: Alex Maruny, by Bus story
Best Screenplay: Corp
Best Soundtrack: Alessandro Deflorio, for My awesome sonorous life
Audience Award: Aquavoy returns
Special jury mentions: in our short The radio changes and the short films Syrtaki and La gota.
Congratulations to all the winners, and we hope to be present in more editions of the Enmut in one way or another.
Els Tres Turons Foundation signs a collaboration agreement with the company Lunet

Els Tres Turons Foundation signs a collaboration agreement with the company Lunet

The Foundation of the three Hills on October 14, he signed an agreement of collaboration with the cleaning company Lunet, S.L. which can be in the future to offer more employment opportunities to the users of the employment services of the Foundation Are Three Hills who wish to and are able to work in the cleaning sector, one of the sectors which are currently more offers of work generates in the labour market.
The agreement has been signed with the aim of being able to increase collaboration between company and organisation in future months.