Special mention at the "Teatro de Pacotilla"

Special mention at the "Teatro de Pacotilla"

Special Jury Mention in the short film “Radio Muda” collective Teatro Festival Enmut cheesy. Cheesy Teatro is a collective of arts Social Club of Fundació Els Tres Turons.
Facebook note posted on the Festival awards ENMUT: click here


“The RADIO SILENT,” from the workshop of Audiovisual creation Polo Club +

Here we leave The Chronicle award posted on the blog Social Club + POLE:

We almost did not arrive in time to release our new short The mute radio at the Enmut Festival, but in the absence of a few days we could finish editing, and the wait was worth it. Our new short has won a special mention of the jury at the festival, dedicated to short films without dialogue. Many congratulations to our colleagues in the Creation Laboratory who have participated in the short film.
Otherwise, I think we spent an afternoon at the festival. Twenty short films were screened, most of them very interesting, from various origins and genres, plus the performance of the violinist Joange, who accompanied his performance with some of his works of animation. In addition to our short, 3Turons also participated in the creation of the awards and with some cookies created for the occasion by the cooking workshops.
The full history was as follows:
Best short film: You will fall again
Best short animation: Roger (the animated shorts were screened on the 13th)
Best Performance: Alex Maruny, by Bus story
Best Screenplay: Corp
Best Soundtrack: Alessandro Deflorio, for My awesome sonorous life
Audience Award: Aquavoy returns
Special jury mentions: in our short The radio changes and the short films Syrtaki and La gota.
Congratulations to all the winners, and we hope to be present in more editions of the Enmut in one way or another.
Exhibition “Autorretrats”: social club POL Positiu

Exhibition “Autorretrats”: social club POL Positiu

We invite you to the exhibition “Self-portraits” with works by the members of the workshop of Plastic Creation of POL Positiu Social Club. The inauguration is on June 9, 2016 at 17:30 at the Civic Center of Carmel.
Address: Carrer del Santuario, 27 08032 Barcelona.
How to get there: Bus, V17, 92, 87, 119, 129, N4 and N5; Metro: L5 Coll – La Teixonera (exit Mare de Déu del Coll)

Will be open to the public from 9 to 30 June.


X close of the Football League of social Clubs

X close of the Football League of social Clubs

The Municipal Sports Pavilion of the Vall d’hebron will host on Saturday June 4, the closing of the Social Clubs Hall Football League, the feast of the end of season one of the program’s star Sport and Health Mental Health Federation Catalonia (SMC). The competition will bring together all morning a total 16 teams and more than 150 players, who will take part in a tournament eliminatoria with 23 matches in total.

The Closure, which is organized by a Commission made up of the Federation and SMC, Arapdis Aixec, POL Positiu, includes, in addition to the competition, a final snack for all participants and the presentation of the trophies of the two football leagues of social Clubs that have been made throughout the season.

The Conference is open to the public who wants to see and support the activity that promotes physical, emotional and social well being through sport, as a leisure space inclusive and that helps to combat some of the problems arising from mental health problems, such as social isolation or a sedentary lifestyle.

The Chamber Audiovisual Production: Selfies

The Chamber Audiovisual Production: Selfies

The Audiovisual Production Camara has made a capsule on the 12 Social Theatre Cycle where Max Villanueva, educator of the Social Club + POLE of the Foundation, talks about the play “the Sailor’s theatre company ‘ Selfies” that was presented in this cycle on 15 April at the Matas i Ramis Civic Centre. “Sailor’s Theatre” was born within the framework of the Social Club + POLE and no longer has a extensive tour with this play.

The Tarantela

The Tarantela

You’ve already heard the Tarantela, radio Club Social POL+?

The social Club Social POL+ of the Foundation broadcasts every Friday a new program of Tarantela with topics of interest of the members of the club.
Here we leave the link to the program no. 44 of the day January 26th: click


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