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img_20161008_173003_hhtOn 8 and 9 October, we participated in the live subtitling of the plays the little Prince, the company's productions at the N54 SaT! And The Colonel Bird, ICC Open Theatre Company (Civic Centre Les Corts)This was made by participants of the workshop Audiovisual accessibility of Pre-work Service of the Foundation. This workshop from the year 2014 has worked continuously with the Municipal Institute of people with disabilities (IMPD) in the project of children's Theatre Accessible to the SaT!, Civic Centre Les Corts, Borrell, Depot Civic Center Urgel, Mercat de Les Flors, Casa Elizalde, through the company of insertion PASS VIA EI, SL of the Foundation the three hills. We have also participated in more than 300 subtitles to videos of social sector organizations or public administrations in the framework of the project of Service Learning.

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Saturday 21, subtitling: 7 de Nou Teatre of the Association Nou Horitzó

Saturday 21, subtitling: 7 de Nou Teatre of the Association Nou Horitzó

On Saturday 21 may you have an appointment of theatre accessible to the House of Mas Guinardó (Pl. Salvador Riera, Barcelona).  The Group 7 de Nou Teatre, of the Seniors Association Nou Horitzó, presents, from 18:30 hours, a session with the following performances:

  • Los chorros del oro, the brothers Alvarez Quintero
  • Té para dos, Rafael Mendizábal
  • Ens ha caigut la sogra, by Lluís Coquard

Free entry. Among the participating actors we can see the Vice President of the Federation, Fanny Llorens. Another reason to go to see to see the fragments of the works cited.

The work will be subtitled live thanks to a collaboration between the ACAPPS FEDERATION and the company of insertion Passar Via the Foundation Three Hills with the participants of the workshop on Audiovisual Accessibility.

Presentation of the inclusive festival "Yo voy al teatro"

Presentation of the inclusive festival "Yo voy al teatro"

Today April 28 has been presented, in the framework of the Goya Theatre, the theatre festival “Yo voy al teatro” oriented to people with sensory disabilities and older people, where this year he arrived in Barcelona. The Foundation thus consolidates the participation in accessibility of the theater shows APTENT Accesibilidad. He has been invited as a speaker Enric Massana responsible for Passar Via, the company of insertion of our Foundation. Also involved Isabella Vidal, Manager of the Group FOCUS, Ángel Murcia, Assistant director of the Centro Dramático Nacional, Mari Satur Torre, Director of Fundación inovación Vodafone Spain and Javier Jiménez, director of APTENT.


As they say on the website of the festival:

The Festival

“Yo voy al teatro” was born in April of 2015 as the first festival of theatre for people with sensory disabilities and older people. In the Second Edition, “Yo voy al teatro” returns to Madrid from late April until the end of may, extending the programme also in Barcelona.

More information:

Press release:  DOSSIER-DE-PRENSA_festival-OK.pdf (259 downloads)