10 years of citizen agreement

This week, members of the XIB we take part in the 10th anniversary of the citizen agreement for an inclusive Barcelona was held at the CCCB.

Work in network
On September 27, Barcelona celebrated the work of the Council and the social organizations of the city. The day became a meeting point, reflection, action and common among all the actors that make up and that have shaped the agreement these ten years.
In the framework of the meeting, we enjoy the dialogue of Saskia Sassen with Josep Ramoneda on the urban world, inequalities and the new appropriations.
The Barcelona ordinary market inclusion Network job (XIB) collaborated in the advice to the accessibility to the disabled people, was attended by subtitling for deaf people and services for attendees so they require.

More than 600 organizations
The citizen agreement is a space for participation and joint action to build an inclusive Barcelona and to advance the social rights of every resident of the city, a referential space of the social action and an example of shared construction and utilization of the collective intelligence of the many agents who operate in the city.
Congratulations Barcelona, congratulations OK. Proud and proud to follow with the commitment to work in a network by a Barcelona, becoming more inclusive.

Source of the news: http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/accessible/ca/noticia/10-year-ciutadza-in accordance

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